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Teaching Composition 

In Fall 2022, I applied for and then was selected to be one of three Graduate Assistants to the Writing and Rhetoric Department. Acting as adjunct faculty, I was the "professor" for developing the curriculum and teaching an online Composition 1 course. 

In Spring 2023, in the same assistantship capacity, I developed and then taught a Composition 2 course for online students. 

The lessons I developed drew upon knowledge gained from my own prior coursework in Compositional Theory, Rhetorical Theory, Document Design, Intro to Research Methods, and Preparing to Freelance.

Below you will find my student teaching website, my teaching practicum portfolio pieces, written pieces about my teaching pedagogy, and also examples of course curriculums and scheduling. 

The following examples ( as well as the below linked teaching portfolio) demonstrate the MA outcome of me being able to:

  •  Demonstrate an understanding of the history and major theories of their profession.

  • Analyze a variety of rhetorical situations and create documents that work in each particular situation.

  • Compose discursive and audience specific arguments using appropriate evidence and rhetorical appeals.

  • Explore and experiment with technologies and the distinctive rhetorical exigencies they create.

  • Demonstrate attention to correctness in editorial details and citations.

  • Act as professionals in and outside the classroom

  • Participate in an active and ethical way in the profession beyond the classroom.

Student Teaching Website

During the first half of my practicum, I was required to document my course lessons, practicum assignments, and teaching reflections in a separate teaching portfolio website. 

You can visit that website in full at:

Teaching Pedagogy Statements

My Personal Philosophy for Teaching Composition Within the Context of a University Political Science Curriculum

Pedagogical Discoveries of and Asynchronous-teaching Graduate Assistant

At the end of teaching my Fall '22 course, I wrote the following reflection. 

Read it here.

Course Curriculum Syllabi Examples

Dream Course Syllabus: "Leveraging Theory and Research for Crafting Campaign Communications"

Teaching Composition 1 Syllabus

Click here to read the syllabus I composed for my Fall '22 students. 

Teaching Composition 2 Syllabus

Click here to read the syllabus composed for my Spring '23 students.

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