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Hello and Welcome!

I'm Emma White Montalvo; thanks for visiting my portfolio website!


A bit about me: I'm graduating August '23 from the University

of Arkansas at Little Rock (UALR) with a Master's degree in

Professional and Technical Writing. I chose the program due

to the variety of courses offered and the flexibility of

in-course project work that I could cater to my professional

career in political communications.

This website is a platform for me to showcase my academic

work, highlight a few professional projects, and share

the experiences I had as assistant faculty teaching

composition for at UALR.


As you go through my portfolio, you'll discover how I've

focused on developing my knowledge and skills in

  • content creation for digital media,

  • understanding rhetoric and civic communications,

  • and teaching composition.

Feel free to explore my work and get in touch with any inquiries!

Content Creation for

Digital Media

  • Social Media Management

  • Writing for Digital Audiences

  • Graphic Design

  • Journalism

  • Coding (HTML & CSS)

Rhetoric and Civic


  • Psychology of Communication

  • Understanding Academic, Social, and Political Rhetoric 

  • Rhetorical Tools & Strategies

  • Application of Compositional Rhetoric to Civil Discourse


Teaching Composition

  • Planning Writing Lessons & Exercises

  • Teaching Real World Applications of Compositional Strategy

  • Engaging Students in an Online Course Setting

  • Empowering Student Confidence and Creativity

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